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We had gather feedback from our customers throughout the years and re-design to cater to most Singaporean needs.

We strive to help you discover better health through water.

About Acqua Vida

It all started in the 1980s when we only do plumbing services as a freelance going around neighbourhood n by referrals, throughout the years, we had gained much reputation as “PLUMBER DOCTOR” since then, years down the road we were working very closely with contractors & slowly we work with property agents in assisting them with their owners property with all plumber related issued.


After many years, we had much into a new business and started our 1st retail & distribution under “PLUMBER DOCTOR TRADING” and created our brand PDT basin tap & kitchen tap. We even started our interior designing firm “PLUMBER DOCTOR INTERIOR DESIGN & RENOVATION” and was awarded “SINGAPORE ENTERPRISE MEDAL OF HONOR” in 2017.


Also that year we decided to change a new direction and move into online Marketing n rename ourselves as “MODICO”.


In mid-2018 we decided to take our whole company to a whole new level, focus our direction purely on bathroom n water-related items through the years of experience and customers feedback. Thus making Modico as a brand and create our brand like PDT, WERTZ and change of a new company name “ACQUA VIDA” which mean Water Living and bring our brands and product to a mid-high range.


At the start of January 2019, we started to branch out into Water purifier business, as ACQUA VIDA, as we see the need in the market as well as concerns on our Customers’ health and well being. We started looking at various Water Purifier and decided to import from South Korea.


Hence at the June 2019, we got the Sole Distribution rights from Hyundai Wacortec Co. Ltd. to provide more for our customers.

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