Colour: White
Size: 280 x 130 x 285mm
Weight: 1.2kg
Water Pitcher Capacity: 3.5L

Max Temperature : 90 Dergree C

Easy To Handle For Filter Replacement
Filter Choosing The Exclusive Filter For Acqua Pitcher
Indicator For Longevity of The Filter
User-Friendly Design To Put In The Fridge
Economical Price

ADVANTAGE 01. Easy to handle for filter replacement
- Indicator for the longevity of the filter
- Easy to check the service life of filter

ADVANTAGE 02. More Powerful water purifying
Possible to improve the drinking water quality effectively by having the exclusive filters for Acqua Water Pitcher depending on the water conditions. (Removing the odors and tasted of Chlorine more than 96%)

Infinite Acqua Water Pitcher

Filters Option
  • It comes with  1 year warranty . 100% Made In Korea

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