Size: 142mm x 51
Weight: 170g
(Vitamin C cartridge approx. 60g)


Vitamin C has the followings functions:

  • Antioxidant
  • Strong Sanitizer
  • Prevention of the excessive creation of Melanin
  • Whitening effect
  • Prevention of stains and freckles



Vitamin C helps:

  • To promote cell reproduction
  • To encourage production collagen of skins
  • To relieve redness and allergic skins

Acqua shower filter eliminates the severe health risks associated with bathing in hard, chlorinated water, such as respiratory problems like asthma and generic issues like skin eczema, irritation, etc. Filter helps to solve the problems of dry skin, dandruff and itching.

Acqua shower filter recognised its function from FDA, world atopy association and Korea quality testing institute.

Vitamin Shower Filter

SKU: VTM-ShowerFilter
  • 100% Made In Korea

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